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Dale Desantis - Emerson College
Tyler Gallagher - Mount Saint Mary University
Nico Ipeker - Stevens Institute of Technology
Zach Masessa - Providence College
Joe Mercurio - Ursinus College
Jared Reinson - Johns Hopkins University

Developing as an athlete and a lacrosse player in the offseason is essential for individual success and the continued growth of the program. Lacrosse is an exceptionally skill oriented game and with Montgomery Lacrosse playing at such a high level, it is very difficult for players to put their sticks down in May and pick them back up in March. Playing and practicing in the offseason becomes critical to personal success. As in any sport, those who play more usually improve at a greater rate than those who do not. It is highly recommended but not mandatory.

There are many offseason playing opportunities and players are encouraged to participate. It is a player’s choice where they play; you can play for any club team or attend any camp. Players should never feel pressured to play for any program or attend any event.

Most college recruiting is done in the summer, not the spring! If you are interested in playing college lacrosse this is important to know.

Players should play multiple sports! Playing multiple sports in high school makes athletic minds and bodies. There are many lessons learned throughout a season and the more seasons of high school sports you have the more you learn. When you are committed to another Montgomery HS team you should not play lacrosse in a competitive environment. Your in-season sport comes first!

Offseason workouts are recommended. Lacrosse is a physically demanding sports and athleticism is necessary. Run, run, run! Athletes run! In most sports, those who can run faster longer, usually end up on top. Running is very easy to do, no gym membership or trainers required, simply run. Cardiovascular fitness and speed are essential components to the game.

Please use the resources that Montgomery offers. The weight room and athletic community at the school will help players obtain their goals in athletics and foster a community of excellence where players from all sports can push each other.  Coach Griff runs an excellent program that is highly recommended.