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Rick Murphy

Rick recalls “Growing up in Nigeria we didn’t know what lacrosse sticks were.  Once a friend and I stole one and used it for fishing.  Over time I pulled the stick out of the water and learned how to use it.  In America I was able to learn how to play lacrosse but I will never forget my fishing roots.”  Murphy surely learned how to use the long pole and is a key contributor to success of the Montgomery High School Lacrosse Team.   

“Leaving baseball was not an easy decision, but well worth it considering how much fun lacrosse has been.”  As a defenseman, Rick Murphy completes his final season of high school lacrosse with no regrets.  In fact, he is grateful that Coach Sullivan convinced him to trade his bat for a six foot lacrosse stick.  “This has got to be the best sport ever!”

Murphy began playing lacrosse for Montgomery High School as a freshman.  He has been part of a team that has experienced tremendous growth over his four years as a player.  Last year he was named 2nd Team All-Curcio Division.  In his final year as one of the team captains, he hopes to see the team accomplish a conference win and move deep into the state tournament. He has already achieved one goal this season, which was “to get Steve Demarco to cut his hair”! 

After playing four years of high school soccer and lacrosse, Murphy will move on to Villanova University.  He is sure to be an asset on campus.  He can definitely teach his peers how to use a long pole, or at least how to fish with a lacrosse stick!